Razor sharp advertising and creative media Ads at your fingertips.

How it works

  • Sign Up

  • Create Campaign(s)

  • Fund your Campaign

  • We Optimize and Approve

  • Your Ads are Up and Running


onnect with your target consumers and get access to over a million of websites delivering GEO-targeted and theme based specific messages to your potential customers. Expand your reach with various advertising models, competitive rates and experienced account managers.

You are in Full Control

  • CPM, CPC, POP Models
  • Pop Under, Image and Text Ads
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • 30M a day from All GEO’s
  • All Publishers are Monitored
  • Access to Additional Ad Networks
  • Click Fraud Protection


  • CPM, CPC, POP advertising models
  • Auction Based Bid System
  • Proactive Click Fraud Protection
  • Statistics and Optimization
  • All Standard IAB Banners

Pricing and Options

  • CPM – 1000 Banner Ad Views from $.20
  • CPC – Cost Per Click from $.05
  • POP – Cost Per View from $.001
  • No Maintenance Traffic Packages

  • Automatic campaign filters

Target Market

  • Segmentation
  • Connect to Additional Ad Networks
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Local or Global Taregeting
  • Custom Site Targeting

ROI Research

  • Conversion Tracking and Optimization
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Site Targeting and Removal Options

Ad Networks Are Welcome!

Can you provide examples of your publisher?

CPMgo operates blind network and we do not disclose our publishers website URLs. You can still manage influence of each particular publisher by either excluding it or priorities their traffic. All management is available to you via control panel.

How much your traffic costs?

We operate live system where advertisers bid to purchase desired traffic. Based on the current demand and number of publishers in the system, as well as desired GEO targeting, you will see the rates and you will be able to bid for that traffic once your ads are setup.

How much should I spend to get good results?

We do recommend to run a test for $200-$300 and check how is performing for your type of industry and GEO location. Once you know your CPA ( Cost-Per-Accusation) – it will be entirely up to you, what budget to use.

How big is

We have about 30 000 000 impressions per day from our own and partner’s publishers.

Do you provide account manager to help with our campaign?

Yes we do. We provide individual approach to each advertiser account on our network. Accounts with low budgets will be provided by email or ticket based support. Premium advertisers will have full access to our account managers: email, phone, skype and ticket support.

Do you welcome other networks?

All advertising networks are welcome to sell or to buy traffic from us. Please sign up for either publisher’s or advertiser’s account (or both) and contact us to assist you in setting up our system.